I have no username / password on Transphere – How do I see my preauthorized payment agreement and my paid

Once you have completed the pre-authorized payment agreement and you did not create an account:

    • if you have the original email “ACCEO Transphere – Preauthorized payments agreement accepted”, click on the link in the email to access you pre-authorized payment agreement. If you have invoices paid under the agreement, you will also have acess to the invoices under the ‘INVOICE PORTAL’ menu :


    • If you have an invoice email, select the link to view the invoice on Transphere and select “View all invoices”:

Your agreement will be accessible under the ‘AGREEMENTS’ menu.

    • If you no longer have the Transphere emails, contact your property management company and ask them to resend the invoice email.

Note: If you select a link in an email and the screen displays a login screen, you have secured your account with a username and password and you must login to view your agreement / invoice / payment.