I can’t see my invoice

Case 1: I click on the link in the email and the invoice is not displayed

If you select the link in the email and the invoice does not appear, try copying the link (URL) from the invoice and pasting it into the address bar of the browser. If you have an ‘Out of date browser’ message at the bottom of the page, this means that you need to update your browser or use a newer browser (eg Chrome or Firefox).

Case 2: I have a “Forbidden” message

If you get a ‘Forbidden’ message when trying to access a link (URL) from ACCEO Transphere, try going directly to the site: https://main-transphere.acceo.com/

If the ACCEO Transphere login page does not appear and its access is denied, this might be due to a configuration on your workstation or on your network. You must check with your technical team to open the access.

Case 3: I am trying to access ACCEO Transphere outside of Canada, the United States or France

ACCEO Transphere is not accessible outside of these countries. You can use a VPN, or remote access, to access it from Canada.