I received an invoice from Transphere – who should I contact if I have any questions or changes to request?

Your service provider

Any questions or changes that relate to the content printed on the invoice should be directed to your service provider (their contact details are usually at the top left of the invoice).

  • Questions about invoiced amounts
  • Change of contact details
  • Change of email to which the invoice is sent
  • Questions about possible payment methods
  • Questions about a payment made outside Acceo Transphere

Note: This is also valid for invoices from different ACCEO departments.

ACCEO Transphere Support

Acceo Transphere is only an intermediary between your supplier and you for sending, making available and, depending on your supplier’s subscription, the possibility of paying your invoices using different methods on the Transphere platform. Any issues with using our platform to view or pay your bill that you cannot find an answer to on our support page should be directed to us using the form at the bottom of the support page.